Site for EA1181 (CompassHER2-pCR): Preoperative THP and postoperative HP in patients who achieve a pathologic complete response

Brief description of study

The purpose of the study is to determine the safety and tolerability of pre-operative therapy with 12 weeks of taxane, trastuzumab (or FDA approved biosimilar) and pertuzumab. We are doing this study because we want to find out if this approach can enable you to take fewer chemotherapy drugs than the usual approach for your type of breast cancer without compromising your outcome. This would be a decrease in the total number of chemotherapy drugs and the amount of chemotherapy typically received to treat this type of cancer. We want to answer the research question: can participants with HER2-positive breast cancer who have no cancer remaining at surgery (either in the breast or underarm lymph nodes) after 12 weeks of chemotherapy and two HER-targeted therapies eliminate further chemotherapy after surgery?

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