Phase 1/2 Trial of MRTX849 in Combination with TNO155 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors with KRAS G12C Mutation

Brief description of study

This study will evaluate if patients with cancer with a KRAS G12C mutation will benefit from treatment with MRTX849 and TNO155. It will also look at what side effects occur and how often they occur. The study will assess how quickly MRTX849 and TNO155 are absorbed into the blood stream and how fast it is removed by the body. MRTX849 is an investigational drug that is designed to target proteins produced by a specific gene mutation (KRAS G12C mutation) that is thought to cause cancer cells to grow. TNO155 is an investigational drug that blocks a protein called SHP2, which signals to KRAS. In laboratory experiments, blocking SHP2 helped a KRAS G12C inhibitor work better to slow down the growth of cancer cells that had a KRAS G12C mutation. “Investigational” means that neither MRTX849 nor TNO155 have been proven to help patients with the disease you have and that these drugs are not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) to treat your disease.

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