A Phase 1 Dose-escalation and Expansion Study of the PD-1 x ILT4 Bispecific Antibody CDX-585 in Patients with Advanced Malignancies

Brief description of study

This is a study to test a new medicine called CDX-585 on patients with advanced or spreading solid tumors that have not improved with current standards of treatment. The study will look at how safe and effective the medicine is, how the body processes it, and how it affects the cancer. Patients will get CDX-585 through a vein every two weeks for up to two years, or until their cancer gets worse or they can't handle the medicine anymore. The amount of medicine given will increase gradually until the highest dose that is safe to use is found.

After treatment, patients will come back for a final visit about a month later and then a safety checkup three months later. If patients have any bad reactions to CDX-585, they will be followed until their symptoms go away or they start taking another medicine. After the final visit, patients will be checked every 12 weeks for a year to see their progress and if they are getting any other treatments. If patients stop taking the medicine without their cancer getting worse, their cancer will still be checked until it does get worse or they start taking another medicine.

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