Prospective Multicenter Single-Arm Study of VanquishTM Water Vapor Ablation for Prostate Cancer

Brief description of study

This study will look at how well the Vanquish Water Vapor Ablation Device works to treat people with Gleason Grade Group 2 (GGG2) localized intermediate-risk prostate cancer. People who are in the study will get the Vanquish System treatment. The doctors will levaluate the results of people who received the treatment for 12 months and then decide if the treatment is safe and how effective it works. The doctors will also look at the results from 36 months of follow-up. This will help investigators learn more about the treatment and how well it works. The doctors will follow the people in the study for 60 months. If participants have cancer that remains in their body, they may be able to receive more treatment.

Clinical Study Identifier: s23-00203
Principal Investigator: Samir Taneja.
Other Investigator: James S Wysock.

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