I-SPY 2 TRIAL -Investigation of Serial Studies to Predict your Therapeutic Response with Imaging and Molecular Analysis 2

Brief description of study

The I-SPY 2.2 study is a way to improve how we treat breast cancer. It uses a plan to test new treatments and find the best way to use them. The study has different parts called "blocks" that use different treatments to see what works best. The first part, Block A, tests the best new treatments without using standard chemotherapy. If a patient responds well to this treatment, they will have surgery. If a patient doesn't respond well, they will move to Block B, which uses the best combination of treatments based on what we've learned from other trials. If a patient still has cancer after Block B, they will move to Block C, which uses different treatments to get rid of the cancer.

The I-SPY 2.2 study also uses a way to better understand a patient's cancer and predict how it will respond to treatment. This method is called Response Predictive Subtypes (RPS). The goal of the study is to find the best way to treat breast cancer with the least side effects.

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