Partial breast re-irradiation using ultra hypofractionation (PRESERVE)

Brief description of study

This study is for patients who have had breast cancer come back in the same breast where they had surgery and radiation treatment before. This is called in-breast recurrence. The study will focus on these patients to see how well a new treatment called external beam partial breast reirradiation (rPBI) works. The treatment involves giving a total dose of 26Gy (the radiation dose), which is divided into 5 smaller doses given every day for 1 week. This treatment will be done after a second lumpectomy surgery to remove the recurring breast cancer.

The study is designed as a planned research project. It follows a specific design to evaluate how effective and safe the rPBI treatment is. All participants in the study will receive the same treatment, and there is no comparison group. The goal of the trial is to see how well the treatment works for this group of patients. The study will look at the outcomes of the treatment approach and gather important information.

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