PRostate Cancer Treatment with the AQUABEAM Robotic System

Brief description of study

This study is testing a special machine called the AQUABEAM Robotic System. This machine is designed to treat cancer tissue in the prostate. It does this by using a strong waterjet to remove the cancer tissue in a way that's less invasive than surgery. The machine is used with the help of ultrasound images and a tiny camera to make sure it is running properly. Before the treatment, the doctor plans where to use the machine. During the treatment, a device is inserted into the urethra (a tube in the body), and it sprays the waterjet to remove the prostate tissue as planned by the doctor.

This study is being done at different hospitals, and it's trying to find out if this machine is safe for treating prostate cancer. The study team expects to enroll patients over six months, and each patient will be followed for a year after the treatment. The whole study, from the first patient joining to the last check-up, will take around 18 months. The study team is doing this to make sure the machine works well and effectively helps treat patients with prostate cancer.

Clinical Study Identifier: s23-00944
Principal Investigator: Herbert Lepor.

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