A phase I open-label multi-center study of KFA115 as a single agent and in combination with tislelizumab in patients with select advanced cancers

Brief description of study

This study is testing a new medicine called KFA115 (FDA approved) for patients with advanced or widespread cancers. It has two main parts: one where they figure out how much of the medicine patients can safely take without having many side effects, and another where they look at how well the medicine works. In the first part, they'll try giving different amounts of KFA115 by itself or along with another medicine called tislelizumab, after first trying KFA115 alone for a little bit. In the second part, they'll keep testing KFA115 by itself or with tislelizumab after trying KFA115 alone first, and a third group will start taking both KFA115 and tislelizumab at the same time. This way, they can learn how safe and effective KFA115 is with treating advanced or widespread cancers when used in different ways.

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