A first-in-human Phase I non-randomized open-label multicentre dose escalation trial of BI 765049 and BI 765049 + ezabenlimab administered by repeated intravenous infusions in patients with malignant solid tumors expressing B7-H6

Brief description of study

This study is testing different doses of a dtreatment called BI 765049, either alone or with another drug called ezabenlimab for patients with tumors expressing B7-H6. Patients will get BI 765049 in three different ways: either every 3 weeks, once a week for 2 cycles with a break, or once a week for 2 cycles with ezabenlimab starting later. After each dose level, a safety team will check how patients are doing and decide what to do next. The main aim is to find out the highest doses of BI 765049 a patient can take with few side effects and see how well it works when taken alone or with ezabenlimab. They also want to check how it works in the body and if it helps with treating the cancer.

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