Randomized Phase 2 Study of DKN-01 Plus FOLFIRI/FOLFOX and Bevacizumab Versus FOLFIRI/FOLFOX and Bevacizumab as Second-line Treatment of Advanced Colorectal Cancer (DeFianCe)

Brief description of study

This study is testing a new treatment for patients with advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) who need a second round of treatment. They want to see if adding a drug called DKN-01 to the usual treatment, which includes two different chemotherapy drugs (FOLFIRI/FOLFOX) and another medicine called bevacizumab, works better than just the usual treatment alone. Patients with advanced CRC, whose cancer has gotten worse after trying one type of treatment, will join the study. They will go through different stages with the study team, including checking their health, receiving the treatment, and then keeping an eye on their health afterward to see how the patients are doing and if the cancer gets worse. The study team will also watch those who stop treatment for reasons not related to cancer to see if their cancer comes back.

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