Colorectal Cancer Metastatic MSI-High Immuno-Therapy (COMMIT) Study: A Randomized Phase III Study of mFOLFOX6/Bevacizumab Combination Chemotherapy with or without Atezolizumab or Atezolizumab Monotherapy in the First-Line Treatment of Patients with Micros

Brief description of study

If you have been diagnosed with Microsatellite Instability-High (MSI-H) Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, you may qualify for this Phase 3 study. The main goal of this study is to learn if adding an experimental drug, atezolizumab (MPDL3280A), to a usual treatment or giving the experimental drug alone is better than the usual treatment (the chemotherapy drugs, 5-flouorouracil (5-FU), leucovorin, and oxaliplatinalone) alone.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-01835 Identifier: NCT02997228
Principal Investigator: Daniel J Becker.

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