Ascertaining Environmental Contributors to Disease

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to create a biorepository to collect, process and store blood, urine, feces and saliva, (hereinafter “biospecimens”), along with medical information. These biospecimens will be collected during your regular medical care at NYU Langone’s Laurence D. and Lori Weider Fink Children’s Ambulatory Care Center and at the NYU Ambulatory Care Center or any NYU Langone Health facility or its affiliates. Your biospecimens will be used to measure chemicals in the samples you provide. Researchers will examine how these chemicals might interact with the genes inside the wall of your intestine. This tissue helps to protect you against disease. By studying its genetic make-up, researchers will be able to understand more clearly if chemical exposures are associated with developing inflammatory bowel diseases – like Crohn’s disease for example. In addition, researchers will be able to learn if these exposures might be preventable, either via dietary change, and/or via efforts to regulate manufacturing processes, that purposefully or accidentally add these chemicals to food.

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