Vancomycin Powder and Dilute Povidone Iodine Lavage for Infection Prophylaxis in High Risk Total Joint Arthroplasty: A Randomized Prospective Trial

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the incidence of prosthetic joint infection within three months following the index arthroplasty when treated with povidone iodine and vancomycin combined and alone (povidone iodine or vancomycin) and without either. Prosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a rare but devastating complication associated with total joint arthroscopy (TJA) that imposes a significant burden on the patient, provider, and healthcare system. Data has shown that dilute povidone iodine wash-out and administration of vancomycin powder to the local wound reduces postoperative infection in high risk patients undergoing TJA and spine surgery, respectively. This study seeks to define the potential benefits that an additional prophylactic protocol involving the use of povidone iodine and vancomycin powder on the incidence of PJI in high risk TJA patients. The use of povidone iodine and vancomycin is considered experimental in this study because it is not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for this purpose. This is also called “off-label” use.

Clinical Study Identifier: s19-00851 Identifier: NCT04075526

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