A trial comparing the effect and safety of once weekly dosing of somapacitan with daily Norditropin in children with growth hormone deficiency

Brief description of study

Purpose of the research study is to collect information to help us understand how doctors treat and manage children and adolescent with growth hormone deficiency and how the health of children and adolescent with growth hormone deficiency changes with those treatments. The study compares two study drugs for children with a low level of hormone to grow: somapacitan (an investigational drug) given once a week or Norditropin® (the medicine doctors can already prescribe) given once a day. Researchers will test somapacitan to see how well it works, compared to the standard treatment with Norditropin®

Clinical Study Identifier: s19-00181
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03811535
Principal Investigator: Paul Saenger.
Other Investigator: Jorge Mejia-Corletto.

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