STRIDE: A Study of Patients with Lower Extremity Acute Limb Ischemia to Remove Thrombus with the Indigo Aspiration System

Brief description of study

LE ALI (lower extremity acute limb ischemia) is a serious medical condition that occurs when you have a sudden loss of blood flow in the vessels of your leg(s) due to a blockage or clot in a blood vessel. The purpose of this study is to collect real-world data on the safety and performance of the Indigo Aspiration System when used in patients who have LE ALI. The Indigo Aspiration System is a medical device that has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for removing blood clots from the blood vessels using continuous suction. The device is commercially available in the United States.

Clinical Study Identifier: s19-00655 Identifier: NCT04144959
Principal Investigator: Thomas Maldonado.

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