Convalescent Plasma To Limit Coronavirus Associated Complications: A Randomized Blinded Phase 2 Study Comparing The Efficacy And Safety Of Anti-Sars-Cov-2 Plasma To Placebo In Covid-19 Hospitalized Patients

Brief description of study

The purpose of the study is to find out if convalescent plasma (the liquid portion of blood of patients who recover from COVID-19) can prevent the development or reduce the severity of respiratory progression in people with COVID-19. This plasma will have substances that could improve the chances of recovery. The study will determine if this plasma therapy increases the level of oxygen in the blood, which means the lung function is better and decreases the need for additional oxygen and the need for mechanical ventilation or to go the intensive care unit. Other purposes of the study are to determine if convalescent plasma therapy reduces the level of the virus in the nose and throat or improves laboratory measures of the immunity and blood cell functions such as how the blood clots. At the present time, there are no approved medicines or vaccines to treat or prevent COVID-19. This study is a randomized study where participants will be assigned to one of the treatment groups and receive either the convalescent plasma or the placebo (normal plasma, from patients that did not have COVID-19 infection in the past).

Clinical Study Identifier: s20-00541 Identifier: NCT04364737

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