A Multicenter Open-Label Extension Study to Assess the Long-Term Safety Tolerability and Efficacy of Bimekizumab in the Treatment of Subjects with Active Psoriatic Arthritis

Are you eligible to participate in this study?

You may be eligible for this study if you meet the following criteria:

  • Conditions:
    Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Age: Between 18 Year(s) - 100 Year(s)
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Other Inclusion Criteria:
    1. Participants who provide written consent and able to adhere to the protocol procedures
    2. Participants expected to benefit from participation in this Open-Label Extension (OLE) study, in the opinion of the Investigator
    3. Participants who have completed PA0010 or PA0011 without meeting any withdrawal criteria
    4. Female participants who are postmenopausal, permanently sterilized or if childbearing potential, must be willing to use a highly effective method of contraception during study participation

You may not be eligible for this study if the following are true:

    1. Participants who become pregnant
    2. Participants who met any withdrawal criteria in PA0010 or PA0011
    3. Participants with a history of neurologic disorder that can interfere with pain sensation
    4. Participants who had a positive or 2 indeterminate IGRAs in one of the feeder studies, unless appropriately evaluated and treated

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