ARCADIA-CSI (Cognition and Silent Infarcts)

Are you eligible to participate in this study?

You may be eligible for this study if you meet the following criteria:

  • Conditions:
  • Age: Between 45 - 99 Years
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Other Inclusion Criteria:
    1. Participants who are randomized in ARCADIA and on study drug
    2. Participants able to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    3. Able to provide self-consent for ARCADIA-CSI in English
    4. A score of 0 or 1 on language component of the NIHSS at time of ARCADIA-CSI enrollment

You may not be eligible for this study if the following are true:

    1. Participants with diagnosis of dementia
    2. Known active illicit drug use
    3. Psychiatric admission or ECT for major depression within last two years
    4. Education less than 8 years
    5. History of traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness of more than 30 minutes

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