A Phase 2A Multicenter Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled 16-week study evaluating the safety and efficacy of PF-06650833 PF-06700841 and PF-06826647 in Adults with Moderate to Severe Hidradenitis Supprativa

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to learn about the effects of the study drugs, PF-06650833, or PF-06700841 or PF-06826647 and placebo to find out which is better for treating hidradenitis suppurativa. The study drugs PF-06650833, PF-06700841 and PF-06826647 are investigational drugs because they are not approved for use in this country and these study drugs target the immune system. The placebo looks like the study drug but does not contain any active ingredients. Researchers will compare the results of taking the placebo to the results of taking each of the three study drugs to see if there are any differences.

Clinical Study Identifier: s20-00306
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04092452
Principal Investigator: Kristen Lo Sicco.

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