Swallowing Disruptions after ACDF Surgery: The Novel Use of Acoustic Pharyngometry to Monitor Pharyngeal Edema

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to examine any effect neck surgery may have to swallowing function. A common complication of neck surgery is the development of difficulty swallowing, which is called dysphagia. Patients with dysphagia usually experience an increase in time and effort required to swallow food or liquid. Although difficulty swallowing is bothersome for patients, post-operative dysphagia can also be very dangerous for patients. Dysphagia is usually caused by swelling after surgery. This study aims to understand the patient-reported outcomes using validated questionnaires, correlate measures of pharyngeal edema using a non-invasive acoustic pharyngometery, and quantify the relationship between edema and swallowing function on videofluoroscopy (VF). The study will also aim to identify any changes in vocal harmonics with change in pharyngeal edema.

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