MomiVax Immune Response and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines Administered to Pregnant and Postpartum People and Evaluation of Antibody Transfer to Infants (NIAID NIH)

Brief description of study

The NYU Langone Vaccine Center’s sites in Manhattan and Brooklyn are taking part in a NIAID funded, observational study for people who are pregnant or who recently had a baby and have either received or are scheduled to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The study involves collecting blood samples from both you and your baby. We will ask you to provide samples at 5-6 different time points and your baby at 2-3 different time points. Please note, you will not be given any vaccine as part of this study, but will simply be asked to provide blood and possibly breastmilk samples. You will be asked to complete at least 6 in-office visits over the course of two years if you are currently pregnant or 5 in-office visits if you recently gave birth. There is no cost for participation in the study and if you agree to participate, you will receive compensation for travel and time. If you are currently pregnant, you must plan to give birth at NYU Langone Hospital in Manhattan or Brooklyn. If you recently gave birth, you must be within 2 months postpartum and should have received or plan to receive any COVID-19 vaccines during this time.

Participants in this study can deliver their babies at either the Manhattan or Brooklyn campus of NYU Langone. However, participants may choose to complete follow-up visits at a campus more convenient to them. Please let us know which site you would prefer to visit for follow-up in the Comments box below:

1. Manhattan: 660 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016
2. Brooklyn: 5434 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220
3. Either site

Clinical Study Identifier: s21-00552

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