CAreful Ventilation In COVID 19-induced ARDS - The CAVIARDS 19 Trial

Brief description of study

ARDS is a severe form of lung injury which makes breathing very difficult and limits the ability of the respiratory system to provide oxygen to the blood. To help manage this, we apply pressure in the airways (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure, referred to as PEEP) as a way to re-open parts of the lungs that have been compressed or flooded. The study will test if setting the ventilator based on simple lung function measurements can improve patient outcomes. By setting the ventilator based based on these measurements, the study doctors hope to be able to individualize the mechanical ventilator settings for each patient, and reduce potential for lung injury while on a mechanical ventilator. This may expand the available treatment options for patients with ARDS, may facilitate individualized treatment for these patients, and potentially improve the outcome of this disorder. In addition, the study will measure markers of inflammation in the blood. These markers will allow us to classify the disease according to the degree of inflammation (this may influence the response to ventilation settings). These measurements will be repeated after starting the treatment to see if they are influenced by the ventilation strategy and will consist of three blood samples of a few milliliters each.

Clinical Study Identifier: s20-00578 Identifier: NCT03963622
Principal Investigator: David A. Kaufman.

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