Studies of Patients with Implanted Intracranial Electrodes

Brief description of study

This research is being done to study different methods for mapping the areas of the human brain responsible for speech, language, hearing, vision, sensation, movement, and thinking, and how these relate to the areas responsible for seizures in people with epilepsy. This research is also being done to study how information from mapping can be used to preserve normal brain function during surgery for epilepsy, brain tumors, and other brain disorders.The purpose of this research study is to compare different methods for mapping normal and abnormal areas of the brain before operations to treat epilepsy, tumors, or other brain diseases. This study will compare the accuracy, ease of use, and safety, of new and old brain mapping methods. This study will also study how well information from these methods predicts the outcome of brain surgery.

Clinical Study Identifier: s20-01926
Principal Investigator: Adeen Flinker.

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