The Digital Phenotype of Bipolar Disorder: An Observational Study of Mood Symptoms in Adolescents

Brief description of study

The purpose of this research study is to use digital phenotyping, a method of collecting data from smartphone sensors, in addition to traditional assessments, to study relapse in adolescents with bipolar disorder. Research suggests that there is a period of time, prior to the onset of clinically-significant mood symptoms, during which individuals who have bipolar disorder experience a change in functioning. This period could provide an opportunity to intervene before more serious and impairing symptoms begin. We are recruiting both adolescents with bipolar disorder and adolescents who have no mental health diagnosis. Participation will last 18 months and involve 19 study appointments. Adolescents, and their caregiver, will be interviewed monthly to monitor changes in mood and behavior. During this time, adolescent participants will also have data collected from their smartphone sensors and will complete brief self-report surveys.

Clinical Study Identifier: s21-01418
Principal Investigator: Anna Van Meter.
Other Investigator: Argelinda Baroni.

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