Presence or Absence of blood in the GI lumen Correlating a HemoPill acute measurement with a subsequent endoscopic finding

Brief description of study

The HemoPill acute is a swallowable capsule device that has the capability to detect blood in the upper digestive tract. Bleedings in the upper digestive tract are common. Usually, laboratory and clinical parameters are considered to establish a suspicion for a bleeding in the digestive tract and to estimate urgency of the situation. The HemoPill acute is capsule device, that has a built in sensor that detects blood in the upper digestive tract. This information is valuable for the medical personnel and complements the information that is obtained from other laboratory or clinical tests. Within this study, a HemoPill acute measurement is compared to results from endoscopic findings. This correlation establishes the reliability of a measurement with the HemoPill acute capsule. Performing this study is helpful for the future use of the HemoPill acute capsule device as it will give the physicians valuable information for the reliability of the HemoPill acute measurement.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-00387 Identifier: NCT05415124

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