Digital Phenotyping: A Novel Method to Predict Proximal Suicide Risk in Youth

Brief description of study

The goal of this study is to collect data from smartphone keyboards about typing behavior (but not content), in addition to traditional assessments like questionnaires and interviews, to characterize suicide risk in adolescents. Adolescents with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder and a recent history of suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors will download the BiAffect app onto their smartphones. During the 3-month period of the study, participants and their caregivers will complete questionnaires to assess other risk factors that are associated with suicide and will have monthly phone calls with the research team. Participants will also complete daily questions about suicidal thoughts and behaviors. All study tasks are compensated.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-00162
Principal Investigator: Anna Van Meter.
Other Investigator: Argelinda Baroni.

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