Brief description of study

DEFINE AFib is a prospective, observational post-market clinical study. This study will enroll approximately 5,000 patients in the United States who have a Reveal LINQ or LINQ II ICM (or future market-released LINQ devices) and using an Apple iPhone® with iOS version 13.X or higher. Health and activity data will be collected from the iPhone® directly. A study application will be used to administer health-focused and QoL surveys to patients at variable time points. Additionally, patients will be provided a summary of their device-related data with subsequent patient experience surveys to understand how patients respond to and interact with their device data. Patients will be followed to either the end of their ICM service life or for up to five years.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-00625
Principal Investigator: Joseph J. Germano.
Other Investigator: Seth Robert Bender.

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