Identification of Skin Injuries in Patients with Dark Skin Tones ?

Brief description of study

This study will be a prospective, observational cohort study conducted over a 12-month period on a sample of acute and critically ill patients (>18 years old) on the Kimmel Pavilion (KP) 13 unit (KP13) (surgical intensive care unit (SICU)/ Acute Care (AC)) at NYULH. Researchers will utilize a non-invasive contact skin tone-based measuring guide to assess the baseline skin tone in patients with dark skin tones at specific bony prominences (sacrococcygeal area, heels) and determine if skin injuries alter the patient’s skin tone from their baseline skin tone. Detection of skin tone variations may lead to earlier identification of skin injuries thereby mitigating further deterioration into a severe wound.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-00651
Principal Investigator: Barbara A Delmore.

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