Person-Centered Quality Measurement and Management in a System for Addictions Treatment in New York State (Project 3)

Brief description of study

The study aims to address the adult substance use treatment system that serves individuals with opioid use disorder in New York State. The subjects included in this study are individuals 18 years of age, and older. Our study population will include clients attending substance use treatment programs in New York State with Opioid Use Disorder in the time interval 2020-2027.
The proposal focuses on implementing an Opioid Use Disorder Quality Measurement and Management (OUD-QM2) strategy by OASAS to drive change and improve treatment practices. The strategy includes structural, process, and outcome quality measures based on the Donabedian framework. Funding will be provided to ensure clinics have the necessary technology to capture and report on quality measures. Barriers such as technological capacity, lack of validated measures, and leadership concerns will be addressed. Patient-reported assessments will be incorporated to promote person-centered care. The proposal involves an academic-government partnership to develop and test the OUD-QM2 strategy. The project will test the effectiveness of the OUD-QM2 strategy through mixed methods. The project will involve stakeholder engagement and utilize administrative data, qualitative interviews, surveys, and a stepped-wedge trial to assess outcomes. The overall aim is to build and test a science-based OUD-QM2 strategy for person-centered treatment.

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