Development and Piloting of a Family-Centered mHealth-Enhanced Intervention to Promote Caregiving Mastery in Detection Prevention and Management of Delirium Superimposed on Dementia

Brief description of study

Delirium superimposed on dementia (DSD) is an acute and serious condition that is common in persons living with dementia (PLWD). Involvement of family caregivers (relatives and friends) can aid early detection, prevention, and management of DSD.
The purpose of the proposed study is two-fold. First, we will develop a family-centered, mHealth-enhanced DSD caregiving mastery program (“Aliviado DSD Caregiving Mastery Program”) through a 5-week co-design workshop with 8 family caregivers. We will adapt/refine the existing clinician-centered DSD contents and an mHealth app from the evidence-based “Aliviado Dementia Care” program for use by family caregivers to support their day-to-day implementation of DSD detection, prevention, and management tasks in the community. Second, we will pilot test the full Aliviado DSD Caregiving Mastery Program with 30 family caregivers of PLWD at risk for delirium, assessing feasibility, acceptability, app usability, and preliminary program impact.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-01093 Identifier: NCT05630014
Principal Investigator: Shih-Yin Lin.
Other Investigator: Yong k Choi.

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