A Stepped-Care Approach to Treating Dental Fear: A Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial for Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment via Mobile App and Evidence-Based Collaborative Care

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to compare an intervention for dental fear to the usual approach (i.e., whatever your/your child's dentist typically does to help you/your child manage fear). The dental fear intervention has 2 separate steps. Step 1 (the less intensive or 'light touch' intervention step) involves using a mobile application (app). Step 2 consists of a one-hour telehealth session with a mental health provider tailored to individualized dental fear.

Because this study compares the dental fear intervention to the standard approach, 25% of participants will not get the intervention during the study period. These participants (called controls) will be offered the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences with dentists.

Clinical Study Identifier: s22-01196
Principal Investigator: Richard Heyman.

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