Cellular Viscosity as a Marker for Alzheimer s Disease Pathology: A Combined Multiparametric MR Spectroscopy and PET Study

Brief description of study

There is a need for imaging markers to help prognosticate progression to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). We use a novel method, named Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Fingerprinting (MRSF), to assess changes in the cellular microenvironment which may contribute to AD. In combination with positron emission tomography and blood plasma measurements, we hypothesize that MRSF will provide new markers for predicting neurodegeneration and cognitive decline.

This study will last about 5 years. Your participation will involve two visits over two years. During each visit, you will be asked to undergo an MRI scan of your brain. You will not have to take any medications or have any injections as part of this study.

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