Developing a Novel Neural marker for Assessing Pathological Social Interactions

Brief description of study

We hypothesize that the difficulties people with Autism have in social situations might come from them not understanding what others are thinking and planning. In a previous project, we designed and tested behavioral tools based on game theory to see how well people can understand others' thoughts and plans.

The purpose of this study is to test these tools along with brain scans (fMRI) to what's happening in the brains of people when they try to understand what others are thinking. In the experiment, people will play games where they have to pick between different amounts of money, considering what other players might choose. Then, one of their choices is randomly picked, and they get the money they chose in that round of the game.

Clinical Study Identifier: s23-00973
Principal Investigator: Paul W. Glimcher.
Other Investigator: Vered Kurtz-David.

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