NYU Validation of a Food Frequency Questionnaire in Children and Adolescents with Diabetes

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to create and “validate” an improved questionnaire about food intake in children with diabetes that also looks at exposure to dietary contaminants. Validate means that we want to check that it is correct. In order to test this, we will need to compare the answers on the questionnaire to “24 hour memories or recalls of food eaten” that will be obtained during telephone calls. This study is looking to enroll children with diabetes and their parents. You will be asked to participate in two very brief phone calls to discuss what you (or your child) has eaten in the past 24 hours, and then you will be asked to fill out the questionnaire at your (or your child’s) next clinical visit with the doctor. This means you will be in the study for about 3 months.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-01613
Principal Investigator: Mary Patricia Gallagher.

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