Evaluation of cardiac function with cardio-respiratory synchronized MRI

Brief description of study

The purpose of the proposed study is to evaluate of newer methods of performing cardiovascular Magnetic Resosnance Imaging (MRI) that allows us to investigate the effects of breathing on cardiac function. We have been developing a different novel approach to performing cardiovascular MRI (CMR), that relies on continuous acquisition of data with a different means of creating effective synchronization with both the cardiac and respiratory cycles during the image reconstruction. This new approach has been very promising in our initial applications to imaging of patients undergoing routine CMR. We would now like to evaluate its potential utility for evaluation of patients where there may be alteration of the normal LV/RV interactions. You/your child are being asked to participate in this study because it has been determined that you/your child have:

  • Cardiovascular or respiratory disease that may affect the function of your/your child’s heart in ways that can be revealed with this new CMR method, and thus can help us to learn what motion patterns are expected to be seen with this new imaging method.
  • Have no known cardiovascular or respiratory disease.

  • Clinical Study Identifier: s14-00601
    ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02728284
    Principal Investigator: Leon Axel
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