Correlation of clinical response of children with short stature to growth hormone therapy and composition of the gut microbiome.

Brief description of study

There are normally bacteria present in everyone's gut. The purpose of this study is to evaluate if the subjects with short stature have different gut bacteria as compared to their siblings or other healthy children. The subject with short stature may or may not receive growth hormone as clinically indicated. If you do receive growth hormone, we want to see changes in your gut bacteria in response to growth hormone injections. We also want to see if the rate of your growth has any relation to changes in your gut bacteria. The reason that you are being asked to participate in the study is because either: -You are being evaluated for short stature and will be started on growth hormone therapy as recommended by your doctor regardless whether or not you participate in the study. This is called the study group™. - You are a sibling of a subject with short stature (otherwise healthy volunteer) or a subject with short stature who is not eligible for growth hormone therapy as determined by your doctor. This is called the control.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-00110
Principal Investigator: Preneet Cheema Brar.

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