A placebo-controlled double-blind randomized cross over pilot study of the efficacy and tolerability if incobotulinum toxin A (Xeomin) as a treatment for focal task-specific dystonia of the musician's hand

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of the drug Incobotulinum toxin A (BoNT; Xeomin) on musicians that are diagnosed with dystonia of the hand. Dystonia of the hand causes hand spasms that prevent the musician from playing his/her instrument. Musician’s dystonia typically affects highly trained musicians and up to 1% (or 1 out of 100) of professional musicians. You can participate in this research if you have been diagnosed with focal task-specific dystonia of one or both hands and you are a musician.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-01265
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02107261
Principal Investigator: Steven J. Frucht
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