HEP CARE Model for assessment and follow up of patients that screen positive for the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody during birth cohort screening at an urban health care system in New York City; linkage and engagement in HCV Care

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to determine if a hepatitis C virus (HCV) provider joining the regular care team for patients identified with HCV will increase likelihood of both linkage and engagement to HCV care. Linkage and engagement to care involves providing comprehensive care management, initiation of treatment services, patient outreach and patient involvement in treatment decisions. This study wants to evaluate the rate of linkage and engagement to care and to determine if rates of identifying hepatitis C virus in individuals will increase when using a patient-centered medical home model of care, where the HCV provider would join the patients' medical care team (Hep Care Model).

Clinical Study Identifier: s18-00345
Principal Investigator: Mary Christine Olson.
Other Investigator: Mark J. Mulligan.

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