The NYU Factors Influencing Reproductive Success and Time to Pregnancy Study (FIRST): A Multi-Center Observational Study of Environmental and Lifestyle Influences on Human Fecundity

Brief description of study

NYU FIRST is an observational study investigating the role of diet, lifestyle, and chemical exposures on fertility. Women who are planning to become pregnant in the near future or have recently begun trying, either naturally or with the use of fertility treatments, are eligible to enroll. Participants will complete initial questionnaires and attend a baseline clinic visit in which they will provide blood, urine, and other biological samples; be weighed and measured; and undergo cardiac function tests and body composition analysis. Free pregnancy test strips are provided. In monthly follow-up emails or telephone calls, depending on the participant’s preference, participants will report on their pregnancy status and any changes in behavior. At home, participants will collect a first-morning urine sample once a week and mail it to our lab for analysis. In-person visits are scheduled once every five months until conception.

Clinical Study Identifier: s18-00279
Principal Investigator: Leonardo Trasande.

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