Relationship between the ocular microbiome and pseudoexfoliation syndrome

Brief description of study

Observational study to determine the microbiome structure of the eye, mouth, and skin of subjects with pseudo exfoliation syndrome and cataracts before and after cataract surgery; and compare it to the microbiome of healthy controls. Cataract is an eye condition attributed to aging in which the natural lens of the eye gets clouded and a person's vision worsens. Pseudoexfoliation syndrome is when abnormal protein deposits in the front part of the lens and inside of the eye causing a characteristic type of cataract. As part of the study, the research study team would like to collect and analyze the bacteria and other small organisms present on the skin, the eye lids, and the mouth. The research study team would like to describe them and to see if they in any way affect the eye conditions described above.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-00996
Principal Investigator: Manjool Shah.
Other Investigator: Maria Ramos Cadena.

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