Metabolomics of World Trade Center-Lung Injury: Biomarker Validation Assessment and Dietary Intervention Food Intake REstriction for Health OUtcome Support and Education (FIREHOUSE) Trial

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to determine if a low calorie Mediterranean (LoCalMed) type diet, or the “FIREHOUSE” diet, program helps to improve WTC-LI. This program was chosen based on research showing that diet and weight related blood tests were abnormal among firefighters with WTC-LI. During the study, the research study team will obtain a variety of measurements in order to evaluate the effects of the program on lung function, and other health outcomes. Technology-supported educational and behavioral intervention (delivered remotely) that targets calorie restriction for weight loss while following a Mediterranean-style dietary pattern. Behavioral components will include a combination of technology-based self-monitoring of diet, physical activity and body weight, and social cognitive theory (SCT)- based group counseling sessions. Intervention will include 14 education and behavior sessions delivered weekly for month 1, and biweekly for 6 months.

Clinical Study Identifier: s17-00127 Identifier: NCT03581006
Principal Investigator: Anna Nolan.

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