Women s Health and Disability: Building a Clinically Relevant Outcome Measure--Item Development Refinement and Adaptation

Brief description of study

The purpose of the study is to study the health and physical disability in adolescents and women, specifically interested in gynecological and reproductive health. Gynecological and reproductive health refers to things like managing periods, contraception, sexuality and sexual functioning, pregnancy planning, pelvic pain, and preventative care (e.g., mammograms and pelvic exam). The Study will create a new questionnaire to help better understand how to help women with a physical disability. In this study, the researchers will ask about your experience and thoughts about things like barriers to getting the health care you need, accommodations you need at appointments, making decisions about things like pregnancy and contraception, and anything else that is important to you in this area of your health.

Clinical Study Identifier: s16-00711

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