Multicenter Study of Epilepsy Surgery Long Term Outcomes Mortality

Brief description of study

The Multicenter Study of Epilepsy Surgery – Long Term Outcomes Mortality study aims to examine the various aspects of epilepsy surgery outcomes after more than 10 years since surgery. Patients who enrolled in the original Multicenter Epilepsy Study have been re-identified and now need to be contacted to determine if they would like to participate in a follow-up study. Information that will be obtained by Yale (the main site) will include the number of patients rendered seizure free from surgery, those who suffered from seizure recurrence and those who have passed away after surgery. This information will permit researchers to address questions regarding the stability of seizure freedom and will allow physicians to better treat patients by understanding the factors predictive of good seizure outcome.

Clinical Study Identifier: s16-00641
Principal Investigator: Orrin Devinsky.
Other Investigator: Daniel Friedman.

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