A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled twocohort parallel group study to evaluate the efficacy of CAD106 and BACE-1 INHIBITOR in preclinical Alzheimer s disease participants at risk for the onset of clinical symptoms

Brief description of study

This clinical research study is sponsored by the pharmaceutical company named Novartis (the “Sponsor”) in collaboration with another pharmaceutical company named Amgen and in partnership with the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, a non-profit healthcare organization collaborating with the Sponsor in the conduct of the study. This clinical research study will assess whether CAD106 and/or CNP520 (given to two separate groups of subjects) are safe and have beneficial effects in people who may be at elevated risk for the onset of clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease due to their age and genetic status (carrying two copies of a gene called APOE4). The study will also observe and measure the biological response to the study drugs in the body, and it will evaluate the safety and tolerability of CAD106 (Group 1) and CNP520 (Group 2).

Clinical Study Identifier: s16-00594
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02565511
Principal Investigator: Martin Sadowski
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